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MAZAGAN - Earl Gray & Fragrant Mint

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Maison NANA1807 - Achetez vos Thés à la Menthe en toute sécurité et grande qualité

Earl Gray Green Mint Tea 

Mazagan - 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC

An Organic Earl Gray  black tea and organic sweet mint leaves make up this balanced and invigorating blend - inviting you to the Atlantic coast of the Kingdom of Morocco to visit the port of Al Jadida!


Aromatic notes

  • Dominant note: Mint / Vegetable
  • Type (s) of infusion (s): Green tea
  • Main flavor: Natural peppermint
  • Complementary flavor (s): Bergamot and orange


Composition & Ingredients *

Earl Gray Green tea, peppermint leaves, orange peels and Bergamot
* All ingredients are from Organic Farming

Suggestions for an excellent tasting


Enjoy your Mint Tea

In order to enjoy all the textures and aromas of your MAISON NANA1807's Mint Tea, turn and shake the MAISON NANA1807 tin before each use.

And keep your MAISON NANA1807's boxes of Homemade Mint Teas, tightly closed, in a cool and dry place.

To taste the quality of MAISON NANA1807's Mint Tea, it is essential to respect the water temperature, the dosage of Mint Tea and its duration of infusion.

Below are our suggestions for an excellent tasting:

Green tea
90 ° C
2 g. / 35 cl.
4 min.
Rooibos 80 ° C 2 g. / 35 cl. 8 min.

The ideal water temperature

For each Mint Tea , and particularly depending on the nature of the tea, the ideal water temperature should be respected (between 80 and 90 ° C).

In fact, the temperature of the water helps to control the balance of the aroma and flavor of the Mint Tea leaves .

The optimal dose of Mint Tea

With regard to the natural and organic ingredients of the MAISON NANA1807's Mint Teas , dose 2 grams of mixtures for a volume of water of about 35 cl . And if you add more leaves, your Mint Tea will release even more notes and textures.

The perfect brewing time

To make your MAISON NANA1807's Mint Tea  a success, respect the infusion time indicated in the table above.

The infusion time depends mainly on the type of Tea used in the recipe. For example, Rooibos requires a longer infusion to express the full quality of its flavor.

Organic Culture & Handcraft Tradition


Respect for Biodiversity & Quality

Origin of our Ingredients

  • Origin of our teas:
    • Green teas: China, India, Japan - Certified Organic tea gardens  - hand picked
    • Rooibos: South Africa - Certified ORGANIC plantation  - hand picked
  • Origin of our Mints:
    • Egypt - Certified DEMETER mint garden - hand picked
    • Portugal - Certified ORGANIC mint garden- hand picked
  • All the ingredients of our Mint teas come from certified organic farming from our rigorously selected suppliers.

Handcrafted in France

  • All our Mint teas are assembled, mixed and packaged according to a secular artisanal tradition, with love and passion, in the workshops of Maison NANA1807, in Rosières en Berry (Center Val de Loire).

Best Mint Tea Experience


Taste a Great Mint Tea

Taste the Difference and Share the Experience

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