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Mint & Oud tea

Ritual & Secrets of Mint Tea

The Alchemy of the Oud

The incenses and perfumes produced from the wood of Oud have been appreciated for centuries and used by many cultures for spiritual, opulent and aphrodisiac purposes.

One of the oldest natural treasures in the Orient is the Oud. Known as "Agar" in India, "Gaharu" in South East Asia and "Oud" in Arabic - this precious and mysterious wood is one of the most coveted scent materials in history.

Agarwood is highly revered in the sacred texts of Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam.

All along the Silk Road, Oud wood has always traveled between producing regions (South-East Asia in particular) and consuming countries (Arab world, China, India and Japan).

The Oud Mysteries

As early as Vedic times, mystics have used Oud in spiritual rituals. It finds its place in several texts sacred for the magic of its perfume and its healing properties.

While Oud symbolizes the scents of the Arab world, India has pioneered the use of Oud wood, dating back several millennia. Recently, the West has become aware of the secrets of the Oud, widely mystified in the East.

“There is an underlying mysticism about the deep, earthy, green, leathery and woody aroma of oud, which is considered to be a physical and mental healing”

In the forests of Assam and other countries of Southeast Asia, when the bark of the "Aquilaria Agallocha" tree is infected with a particular mold, produces an aromatic resinous hardwood. Then a tiny part of this bark is distilled to extract the wood oil from the Oud. Naturally aged, the wood of Oud produces an excellent fragrance.

Both wood and oil have exceptional healing properties. While the wood is burned as incense, the oil is used in traditional alternative medicine and high perfumery.

Oud and its Aphrodisiac Properties

Perfume plays an essential role in human sexuality. Great perfumers are discovering and exploiting pheromones in niche perfumes, for their ability to attract the opposite sex. A secret known in the East for millennia, where the aphrodisiac power of the Oud is described in folk tales and legends.

"The earthiness and potency of Oud are known to enhance sexual energy. "

Oud in Traditional Medicine

In Traditional Medicine, Oud is used in several ways:

  • For coughs, hiccups and dyspnea for example, Churna Agar (Oud powder) should be consumed with honey.

  • For diabetes, a decoction of the Cyclea Peltata plant and Oud.

  • Edema (water retention in the tissues) can be cured by applying a paste of the Angelica Glauca plant and Oud.

  • Besides treating skin disorders, Oud can also cure diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, bronchitis, asthma and leprosy.

A Mint & Oud Tea

Oudwood infused tea, made from the leaves of the Aquilaria Agallocha tree, is enjoying popularity around the world.

Rich in antioxidants and nutrients like zinc, sodium and calcium, it reduces insomnia and stabilizes blood sugar in diabetics, in addition to curing gout.

“Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) described seven basic medicinal benefits of Oud for menstrual irregularity, urinary disease, fever, sexual libido, to kill bacteria excess intestinal tract, to heal stomach complications and to treat skin and liver disorders "

Maison NANA1807 - Un Thé à la Menthe & Oud At Maison NANA1807, we prepare a Oud Mint tea and perfumes to make you travel to the heart of the thousand and one pleasures of the Orient ...

Taste the Difference & Share the Experience!

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