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Thé à la Menthe : Bien-être et Beauté | Maison NANA1807 La Maison du Thé à la Menthe

Beauty Secrets

Ritual & Secrets of Mint Tea

Mint tea for your Beauty!

Find out why Moroccan Mint Tea is a secret weapon for your well-being!
It is very hot in Morocco, especially in summer when average temperatures cross the 40 ° mark. Add in the dry, dusty desert winds in southern Morocco, and you've got a climate where even air conditioners struggle with the forces of nature.
So how come you see people sitting and sipping Mint Tea everywhere, all day long?
It is actually Mint Tea that in a way protects your body from heat ... < / p>

Mint, a Wonderful Plant

Mint is a wonderful plant. It is an excellent agent for cooling the body - thanks to menthol, which binds to cold-sensitive receptors in our body to make our brain really feel a sensation of freshness - and thus triggers our natural defenses against heat.

In addition, the properties of Mint also act as a powerful antioxidant, soothe upset stomach, relieve heartburn, improve mental performance, promote focus, relieve congestion , dispel coughs, expel bad breath, inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, help relieve allergies, purify the blood and eliminate skin disorders - such as acne for example ...

Add to that all the known attributes of Green Tea and you have a potent blend that is very refreshing, and very rich in benefits for your well-being and your beauty.

Regularly savoring a Mint Tea promotes clean clear skin and healthy hair, a happy gut, a stress-free life and even relief from your period cramps…

Maison NANA1807 - Thé à la Menthe pour votre bien-être ! At Maison NANA1807, come and learn how to prepare the best Mint Tea for your well-being, your beauty and your good body temperature!


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