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Maison NANA1807 - Heures du Thé à la Menthe - Mint Tea Time

Mint Tea Time?

Ritual & Secrets of Mint Tea

Mint Tea Time - Mint Tea Time

Tea Time, the epitome of English customs, is surprisingly a relatively new tradition.

While the consumption of tea dates back to the third millennium BC in China and was popularized in England during the 1660s by King Charles II and his wife, the Portuguese Infanta Catherine of Braganza - who then passed on a part of the Moroccan Tradition of Tea

It was not until the middle of the 19th century that the concept of "Tea Time" or rather "Afternoon Tea Time" appeared for the first time in England…

In Morocco, drinking Mint Tea is an invitation to witness and participate in an ancestral culture of hospitality and a sense of sharing ...

Ask a Moroccan - how many glasses of Mint Tea he drinks per day - and you will be surprised by the answer. It could be as little as three or even more than ten!

When visiting a Moroccan house, anywhere in the world, you will be greeted with a Mint tea … The traditional breakfast consists of Mint tea, bread with olive oil.

The Mint Tea is served after lunch, in the early evening for "afternoon tea", and possibly later in the evening before bed too.

The ritual of Moroccan Tea - “Mint Tea Time” or rather “Moroccan Tea Time” is a thousand-year-old institution…

Prepare the Mint Tea is a Moroccan Art and a skill that can be learned over time.

Maison NANA1807 - Heures du Thé à la Menthe - Mint Tea Time


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