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Maison NANA1807 - Art de la Dégustation du Thé à la Menthe

Art of Tasting

Ritual & Secrets of Mint Tea

The Art of Tasting Mint Tea

Whether you are an amateur or a connoisseur, tasting Mint Tea is first and foremost a personal pleasure.

At Maison NANA1807 , Mint Tea is the exclusive blend of natural ingredients, from organic farming.

Unlike other products, the experience of tasting Mint Tea Maison NANA1807 is very different. Fans of MAISON NANA1807's Mint Teas  find them unique because of the quality of the ingredients, character and aroma of each recipe. Here are the steps to discover the secret of tasting an excellent Mint Tea, in order to live a different and incredible experience!

The tasting of Mint Tea focuses on four characteristics

      1. appearance,
      2. aroma,
      3. the flavour
      4. the sensation in the mouth

Appearance of Mint Tea

The appearance of the Mint Tea ingredients determines the quality of the Tea and Mint leaves, in particular on the aspects below:

  • Shape - what do the leaves look like? Small? Large?
  • Colour - if the colours are different, it is a mixture
  • Texture - is it ground like dust? Is it crumbly? Or Gooey?
  • Buds - can you see any?
In summary, here are the main signs of a good Mint Tea:
  • The presence of bronze stains on the tea (green, white or black) means the presence of buds and therefore of a better harvest quality
  • The tea and mint leaves crackle between your fingers. This shows that it has not absorbed any moisture.
  • The brilliant shine of tea and mint leaves indicates its freshness
  • A darker infusion shows that the Mint tea has a fuller flavour while a sedimentary aspect means that the tea is of poor quality.
  • Small fragments floating at the bottom of the glass are the sign of a good Mint Tea

Aroma of Mint Tea

There are two techniques for smelling the aroma of Mint Tea:
  • Deep inhalation - Hold the glass of Mint Tea as close to your nose as possible and inhale deeply.
  • Quick inhalation - Take quick, shallow inhalations through your nose, much like a panting dog.

Flavour of Mint Tea

Each flavour is perceived more intensely by a particular area of ​​the tongue. The sweet notes are perceived at the tip of the tongue. Bitterness is felt on the back of the tongue. The salty on the front sides of the tongue and the acidity on the back sides of the tongue. Finally, umami - flavour defining the flavour of a drink - does not have a specific zone.
By taking a sip of Mint Tea in your mouth, you will appreciate its taste, the intensity of its aromas and flavour with one of the following techniques:
  • Moisten the Mint Tea : hold the Mint Tea in your mouth, pinch your lips and breathe a little air over the Mint Tea, using your tongue.
  • Stir the Mint Tea : Hold the Mint Tea in your mouth and stir it slowly, as if you were doing a mouthwash.

The mouthfeel of Mint Tea

In the mouth, different sensations are observed according to the Mint Tea recipes

Some Mint Teas can be smooth while others can be crisp. It is therefore important to distinguish the finish from the length of a Mint Tea - called intense aromatic persistence, the length is the time in seconds, during which the aroma persists in the mouth.

The longer the finish, the better the Mint Tea…

The aftertaste may be more pleasant than the normal taste of tea, as it grips the mouth long even after sipping the Mint Tea.

Maison NANA1807 - Art de la Dégustation du Thé à la Menthe

You will have the opportunity to taste different Mint Teas prepared and served with love. And we guarantee you a unique experience rich in new emotions…

To live these experiences during a stay in Berry or Morocco, book on


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