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Mint Tea by Men

Ritual & Secrets of Mint Tea

Mint Tea by men

Usually, cooking and baking are done by women in Morocco, and Mint Tea is traditionally prepared by men.

Being invited for a Mint Tea is a common practice and represents generosity and Moroccan hospitality.

At receptions, only one man is traditionally assigned to prepare Mint Tea for all guests. This tradition also symbolizes the importance of the act of giving and receiving within Moroccan culture.

A generous host is respected and will have a good reputation within the community, while a bad host is considered unforgivable in a society where hospitality is seen as a social and religious obligation.

Conversely, the very act of hospitality involves receiving the gift offered. The guest is also expected to be a "good" receiver. The one who is grateful, kind and does not refuse the gift offered to him.

Even after a heavy meal, it is highly recommended that you drink at least three glasses of Mint Tea with your host. Less would be considered insulting and a denial of the hospitality, which was offered by a gracious host.

It also allows hosts and guests to extend their visit, giving them time to meditate around Mint Tea in communion.

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