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Bienvenue à la Maison du Thé à la Menthe !

Bienvenue dans la Maison NANA1807 !

Un Thé à la Menthe pour la Paix vous est offert dans la Maison de Thé NANA1807, à votre première convenance...

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Our story


With Franco-Moroccan origins

From his Moroccan origins, Saletan in particular, Hajj Brahim Ibn Cherkaoui has gone through the Franco-Moroccan history of migratory flows ...

Under France's protection during the period of the French protectorate in Morocco, Brahim became subject of the King of Morocco on the independence of Morocco proclaimed on March 2, 1956.
Recruited in 1966 by a recruiting agent mandated by the French government, Brahim arrives in the heart of France, in a beautiful region of France - Le Berry - in full reconstruction and in need of skilled manpower in the construction industry ...

For the need for his first official document (Moroccan passport), the registrar baptized him Brahim EN NANA , considering that there were too many Moroccans with the name " CHERKAOUI "in the immigration flow governed by the Franco-Moroccan convention of 1963.

"EN NANA" or "NAANAA" or "NÂNÂ" means "MINT" in Arabic

HISTOIRE DE LA Maison NANA1807 - Thé à la menthe - Thé Marocain - Rosières - Berry Province

A few years later, Hajj Brahim and his family settled in a village of Champagne Berry - Rosières - the world capital of the fabulous Rosieres cookers -

Rosières, a Culinary Arts Mecca developed and highly appreciated by Chef Paul Bocuse.

HISTOIRE DE LA Maison NANA1807 - Thé à la menthe - Thé marocain - Pour le plaisir de partager

Zakaria, the fifth child of Hajj Brahim - the last born in Morocco - made a promise to his mother, for more than thirty years…

Pilgrim of the World and Great Traveler for his business, Zakaria said to his mother, on the occasion of each stopover in Rosières in Berry:

“Mouima! Your Mint Tea is so delicious ... that I will sell it all over the world ... »

This is why, dad and us - the grandchildren of our extraordinary grandmother whom we like to call Mouima since our early childhood - decided to make this possible ... In Shaa'Allah !

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