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Thé à la Menthe sur le Green

Mint tea on the Green

Playing an 18-hole course results in an energy expenditure of 1500 calories. To avoid getting tired in the second half of the course, there are a few rules you need to follow when it comes to hydration.

A slow, steady stream of Mint Green Tea is a great way to progress throughout your golf course. 1% loss of water from your body weight corresponds to 10% less vigilance! Out of 90 strokes played on average, 9 will be played in poor optimal conditions…

Recent studies indicate that a reasonable source of "caffeine" like Mint Green Tea improves focus on the green…

While contributing to your physical condition, Mint Green Tea improves your golf game. The perfect drink for hydration on the 18-hole course and gives you a mental focus advantage that may well propel you to victory in your next tournament.

Du thé à la Menthe sur le green At Maison NANA1807, we offer you the opportunity to discover the multitude of benefits of Mint Tea, on the green and in your club house ...


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