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Love & Madness

Meditation around Mint Tea

From Love to Madness around Mint Tea

Did you know that there are over 60 ways to express Love in Arabic?

Expressing love is an ancient art, as is poetry and eloquence in Arabic. This extraordinary language, and insufficiently mastered, attributes specific stages to the complex and evolving process of Love.

Traditional poetry, like the fascinating story written in the 7th century, by the Bedouin poet Qays ibn al-Mullawah : " Majnum Layla "- the original version of" Romeo and Juliet "- or, sensual poetry by Nizar Qabbani and moving songs by Fayrouz , these works have inspired countless writers and artists around the world ...

In reality, Arabs are passionate , affectionate and extremely loving people. They can declare their love without even saying the expression "I love you".

The Arabic language is powerful and fascinating, and it brings out the passion of those who use its words. For example, the common word for love in Arabic “ Hubb ”, comes from the same root as the word “ Seed ” - thus defining the potential of what becomes beautiful. and natural ... just like Mint tea at Maison NANA1807 ...!

This rich and expansive vocabulary is not limited only to the world of poetry and literature, but also to everyday life.

In fact, there are several degrees of love in the Arabic language. Here they are in ascending order of intensity:

Al-Hawa (Attraction)

Love begins with attraction: emotions are strong but still indefinable.

Al-Sabwa (Carelessness)

This phase harkens back to childhood recklessness, when two people enjoy being together without being able to say a word about what brings them together.

We are at the flirting stage…

Al-Shaghaf (Passion)

The feelings are declared and the passion consumes the lovers.

Al-Wajd (Obsession)

It's when you can't help but think about your lover and want to spend all your time with him.

Al-‘Oshok (Worship)

Etymologically, the word refers to the ivy that coils in a spiral around a plant or the graft.

It expresses the excessive love and deep admiration that lovers experience when they pass a certain level of intimacy.

Al-Najwa (Burning)

This is when love completely overwhelms the heart and causes some sadness from time to time ...

Al-Shawq (Desire)

This is when you feel a deep desire for your partner and a strong attachment.

Al-Wodd (Friendship)

Couples who have achieved this level of love are just as much in love as they are friends. " Al-Wodd " is the purest and most delicate of romantic feelings.

Al-Kholla (Fusion)

" Al-Kholla " means love and friendship deeply rooted in the heart. At this point, you are convinced that your sweetheart is the one and only and that you will never find such a perfect partner.

Al-Hoyam (Madness)

This is the lover's state of wandering and wandering.

Expressing a starless night, “ Al-Hoyam ” refers to the insanity caused by excessive love. At this stage, lovers lose all sense of reason.

Maison NANA1807 - De l'Amour à la Folie autour du Thé à la Menthe

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  • Chère Madame,

    Merci pour commentaire et votre appréciation
    Nous espérons vous rencontrer bientôt pour vous faire découvrir nos nouvelles recettes de Thé à la Menthe


    Engie, Emma & Adam

    Maison NANA1807
  • Excellente Méditation autour du thé à la menthe !
    Bravo je Diffuse et on viendra .
    Bien à vous et toute l’équipe de MAISONNANA 1807 .

    ABID Hasna

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