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The Path to Success

Meditation around Mint Tea

A Mint Tea and The Path to Success

At Maison NANA1807, we have taken the time to define the ultimate notion of success.

As part of our Mint Tea activity, we like to share our holistic vision of success.

"Success is not a goal in itself - Success is a path paved with mistakes, failures, questioning and a lot of hard work" Mouima

The ultimate goal of success is measured by the reward of the hereafter, not by the thickness of our bank account. It is therefore very subjective with regard to each life experience.

No matter our personal, family, social or entrepreneurial success in this world, if we have not met our obligations to Our Creator.

In addition, our vision for success must encompass all areas of life. A successful business is certainly one of them, but so too are social ties, health, solidarity, and the right balance.

Our definition of success thus established, here are the main keys of the path to success:

The Passion

“Among men, there are some who worship deities other than God, loving them with the love due to God, while believers have an exclusive love for God. When the unjust will know the punishment, they will know that all the powers belong to Allah and that He is severe in the punishment! .. ”[Quran 2: 165]

To achieve any goal, we need passion and inner motivation. Passion is the key ingredient that drives us forward, allows us to surpass ourselves on the path.


“And when the prayer is over, go and seek the grace and generosity of God in your affairs, and always be mindful of God for eventual global success.” [Quran 62:10]

No matter your skills or talent, you have to be prepared to work hard to bring your project to life.

At Maison NANA1807, we keep the deep memory of the hard work of our parents to succeed in the life they envisioned, especially for the good education of their children.

According to Malcolm Gladwell's theory, it would take more than ten thousand hours of work to become an expert in a field.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad showed us the quality of Leadership and the amount of work required to succeed in a social project. Let us try to resume his teaching to succeed in our life project.

The Focus

Indeed, Abraham was an exemplary leader, always focused on the good of his community and sincerely obedient to Allah, and he was not one of those who associated other gods with God. [Quran 16: 120]

This Ayah (verse from the Quran) indicates that the Prophet Abraham focused all his energy and his life to become the ḥanīf of Allah (the faithful and sincere Friend of God) .

Like laser surgery, you have to focus on every every task at hand. And often it is necessary to do to undo and redo in order to get the desired result.

The lack of concentration creates the phenomenon of "Jack of all trades, master of nothing".

Successful people, even those who excel in more than one area, are usually most recognized for a specific talent, or particular gift.


“O believers! Be enduring, excel in patience, Work constantly and Always be attentive to God so that you may succeed ”[Quran 3: 200]

Every project will hit obstacles where it becomes easy to give up. This applies to studies, your job, your business plan, or any type of activity you might think of.

You have to be patient to find solutions to every obstacle.

Passion, inner motivation and hard work are the key ingredients that help you overcome these obstacles. And Patience is the cardinal virtue to continue your path ...


“The Believers answer the call of their Lord, perform Salât, consult with each other about their affairs, spend what We give them. " [Quran 42:38]

Successful people are constantly coming up with new ideas, new projects, and new and innovative ways to help others.

They also test the veracity of their ideas by consulting others in order to integrate new concepts into their project.

Each success begins with a simple idea, often simply scribbled hastily on a corner of the table, or expressed one morning upon waking up to their beloved ....

The search for excellence

“Is there any other reward for excellence, than excellence? "[Quran 55:60]

The pursuit of excellence is a difficult process that requires discipline and consistency.

To be successful, you must excel in order to maintain a higher standard than your competition. Lasting success means continuous improvement and daily discipline. A real ritual like the art of Mint Tea, when the Mint Tea Master offers you a superior taste experience for each infusion.

Give Back

“Seek the best reward with what God has bestowed on you, but do not neglect your fair share in this world. Do good to others as God has done good to you. And do not seek corruption on earth. For Allah does not love corrupters. "[Quran 28:77]

True success means that your success also helps those around you. Your success is totally about how you support your community.

The Persistence

“Oh you who believe! Seek My help with patience and Salât , for God is with those who endure. ” [Quran 2: 153]

It is not enough to just keep following the above steps, but to ensure that they are continually repeated, regardless of the social and business climate.

Whenever you achieve a goal or your organization has improved, you must constantly strive to advance to the next level.

You must then persist at each step to release the stress and difficulties of the experience.

Maison NANA1807 - Un Thé à la Menthe et Le Chemin du Succès

“Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. Its light is like a niche where there is a lamp. The lamp is encrusted in crystal) the starry glow.Its fuel comes from a blessed tree: an olive tree neither Eastern nor Western whose oil seems to light up without even the fire touching it. Light upon light. Allah guides whom He wills to His light. Allah cites such parables to clarify His message to mankind and Allah is Omniscient. "[Quran 24.35]

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