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COEURS DU MAROC - Le Thé Marocain en solidarité avec le Maroc de la Maison NANA1807 - Maison du Thé à la Menthe

A Tea for Solidarity

A Mint Tea for Solidarity

A Mint Tea to support Morocco

“HEARTS OF MAROC” Mint Tea , to support the efforts of the NGO We Speak Citizen in the construction and preservation of the heritage of inhabitants of rural areas of Morocco

" To succeed in the development of a territory, we mobilize its local resources, both human and technical, even ancestral - because ultimately, the women and men who live there are the true experts of their very particular environment. With them , we think and build their future " - Moulay Hicham Guenoun , President of the NGO We Speak Citizen

First Mint Tea for Solidarity

In order to support Morocco's reconstruction efforts, and as part of the "Mint Tea For Peace" program , Maison NANA1807 is committed to making donations to the NGO We Speak Citizen , in complete transparency, and on your behalf, according to the following principles:

To finance construction projects in Morocco

A new Mint Tea to contribute to the financing of the NGO We Speak Citizen , and in particular the projects for the construction of homes and eco-places to secure the future of the populations of southern Morocco.

HEARTS OF MOROCCO - Moroccan Tea in solidarity with Morocco from Maison NANA1807 - Maison du Thé à la Mint

Maison NANA1807 is committed to supporting the NGO We Speak Citizen on the following main themes:

Anchor yourself to build better

Preserving the harmonious development of the rural world requires first of all the rehabilitation of old buildings that rural people abandon for housing built in concrete which takes into account neither their climatic constraints nor their social habits....

We Speak Citizen's eco-places are examples of alternatives that combine modernity, ecology and local know-how.

Take inspiration from yesterday to reinvent tomorrow

Today, the urban development of rural areas in Morocco is carried out by focusing on the heritage and social life of rural people. The know-how of our building ancestors is in fact an inexhaustible source of knowledge and it is essential to be aware of it and to preserve what, over the centuries, has shaped the beauty of our villages and valleys.

Finding the Balance between giving and receiving

Promote and experiment with sustainable lifestyles and development for ecology, the local economy and humans. Spread the ethics of permaculture and develop the resources to create autonomous and resilient ecosystems.

Our forests will be spaces for training and experimentation and for the preservation of native plants.

From today, you can buy and taste the “HEARTS OF MAROC” Mint Tea as a gift, and Maison NANA1807 will donate 15% of the proceeds from this generous Moroccan tea for Solidarity to the NGO We Speak Citizen. ….

Taste the Difference & Share the Experience!

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