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Maison NANA1807 - Du Thé à la Menthe à l'Éco-Village

Mint Tea Eco-Village

A Mint Tea for Peace

Mint tea at the Eco-Village

At Maison NANA1807, we are very aware of our impact on our local and global environment - through our collective and individual actions.

Concerned about respecting diversity as much as biodiversity, we dream of transforming the Rosières estate, which hosts our Workshops for the production of Mint tea , into an Eco-village open to the world, for generations to come.

An Eco-village is a community designed through participatory processes in the four dimensions of sustainability - Social, Culture, Ecology and Economy - in order to regenerate social and natural environments.

Going through the book "Eco-villages - 1001 ways to heal the planet", we appreciated the moving stories behind some places of inspiration, stories about courage, faith and leadership that he is necessary to go from dream to reality.

And based on the experience of thousands of initiatives around the world, here are the keys to our success:

  • Be rooted in local participatory processes
  • Integrate social, cultural, economic and ecological dimensions into a comprehensive systemic approach to sustainability
  • Actively restore and regenerate their social and natural environments

If you feel like dreaming with us, we will invite you soon to discuss it in vivid voices around a Mint Tea .

Maison NANA1807 - Du Thé à la Menthe à l'Éco-Village

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