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Maison NANA1807 - MOUIMA est le premier Thé Vert à la Menthe Marocain de Maison NANA1807.

First Moroccan tea


MOUIMA - First Moroccan Green Mint Tea

MOUIMA is MAISON NANA1807's first Moroccan Green Mint Tea. With a very refreshing flavour thanks to Peppermint, this delicious Mint Tea is an excellent digestif and a tasty drink to accompany your best dishes.
Sometimes you need a healthy drink , refreshing, relaxing and easy to prepare. If there is one drink that ticks all of these boxes, it is Green Mint Tea.
In all its forms and varieties, Mint is an herb that has been used for millennia for its remarkable medicinal properties. It is undeniable that Green Mint Tea is an excellent drink for your body.

Below are some of the benefits of regular consumption of Green Mint Tea:

Helps burn fat

If you are looking for a drink that helps you burn calories faster, then Green Mint Tea is that slimming elixir. If your calorie intake is less than your body burns, you will likely lose weight over time. Mint tea will help you find a flat stomach as you go through your slimming program.

Facilitates digestion

 Green Mint Tea is an excellent digestif. It helps to facilitate the digestion process. It helps to expel gases formed in the stomach while calming the digestive system and reducing indigestion. If you have an irritable bowel, drinking Green Mint Tea will surely help.

Helps reduce motion sickness

If you suffer from motion sickness whenever you have to travel a long distance by bus, train, ship, or plane, drink green minttea before or during your trip. It can be very soothing for nausea and motion sickness.

Helps reduce migraines

Green Mint Tea helps treat nausea and headaches. The strong smell and refreshing taste of Peppermint are incredible antidotes for nausea. The compounds present in Green Mint Tea work effectively against headaches. This tea is a naturally soothing infusion, so it can reduce inflammation and the rise in temperature often associated with headaches and migraines.

Helps treat asthma

Drinking Green Mint Tea regularly is very beneficial for asthma patients. It acts as a relaxant and relieves congestion and makes breathing easier.

Reduces fatigue

Mint is considered a natural stimulant. Drinking Green Mint Tea can recharge your energy reserve. If you feel a sudden tiredness or a temporary depression, it will help you to cheer up.

Helps prevent memory loss

Green Mint Tea has been found to have a positive effect on cognition. It keeps you alert, helps with memory retention over the years, and keeps your mind alert.

Now that you know the wonderful benefits of this drink, there is no doubt that you will adopt it in your diet. Pair it with a little exercise and you'll always be in great shape.

Green Mint Tea is certainly one of nature's best gifts. We really have to adopt it on a daily basis for our well-being.

Maison NANA1807 - MOUIMA est le premier Thé Vert à la Menthe Marocain de Maison NANA1807. At Maison NANA1807, we invite you to taste MOUIMA - the Great Green Tea with Moroccan Mint that you will like to consume on a daily basis to take care of your body…


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