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Maison NANA1807 - Le Majlis - Salon de Thé à la Menthe

The Majlis of Mint Tea

Ritual & Secrets of Mint Tea

The Traditional Mint Tea Room

With its simple and relaxing decor reflecting Moroccan heritage, Maison NANA1807's Mint Tea room  is a testament to Moroccan hospitality in Berry.

Backed by the Mint Tea production workshops, the Mint tea room of Maison NANA1807 is an ideal place to spend quality time between friends around a Mint tea and seasonal fruit juice.

This Mint tea room , unique in its kind, offers you an attractive choice of savory and sweet bites ranging from bricks to pastries, and soufflés. The highlight of the menu is its range of best Mint Tea blends , with surprising aromas.

At Maison NANA1807 , the traditional mint tea room is called Majlis (in Arabic: مجلس , literally “ the Council ”). It is installed in front of the Council Garden, of which we will talk about during a next meditation session around Mint Tea .

The Majlis of Maison NANA1807, with its calm and warm atmosphere, is the ideal setting for informal meetings with family, friends or colleagues, or to spend quality time around the best mixes of Mint Tea and delicious refreshments.

Majlis is an Arabic term meaning "the place to sit" where friends, family and community members come together to chat, exchange news, receive guests , socialize, relax, and take advice ...

With the culture of Arab hospitality being a centuries-old tradition, the Majlis offers them a platform to welcome guests into a warm space. A space for discovering rituals and meditation sessions that you can book for a moment of refuge - a new form of French City-Break… associated with a touch of Moroccan tradition.

The Majlis comes to life with the magic of the smoking cups of Mint Tea , majestically filled by al-Briq (in Arabic : ابريق , in French: "la Théière"), placed on a Synia. The Mint Tea is often served generously with gazelle horns, almonds and dates…. The ritual symbolizing Moroccan hospitality.

The Mint Tea (in Arabic شاي بالنعناع ( chāï binna'nā ' ) or, more commonly, in Maghrebian Arabic أتاي ( atāy )) is a drink with multiple virtues, in particular tonic , digestive and relaxing.

In Arab culture, the Majlis plays an important role in the transfer of oral heritage, including tales and stories, spiritual songs and poetry.

The traditional setting of Majlis combines with floor rugs and cushions, and often Sedaris (in Arabic سداري , literally " Cèdre " which represents the traditional Sofa of the Moroccan living room). The walls are symmetrically decorated with Arabic calligraphy, and beautiful sconces in chiseled iron.

Emblems of the Moroccan style of the Majlis from the Maghreb to Arabia, the Sedaris are traditionally made with Atlas cedar - or blue cedar - native to the Atlas Mountains, from Morocco to Tunisia .This thousand-year-old cedar is often called the immortal tree because of the natural insect repellant and fungicide molecules found in wood, which protects it from insects and microorganisms

In Morocco, the manufacture of furniture and works of art generates large amounts of wood chips and sawdust, and it is these that are used to obtain the essential oil.

A home fragrance is always released from an incense burner, including fragrances with oriental notes (Amber, Oud, cedarwood or sandalwood, ...). This comfortable fragrance immediately transports you to an atmosphere of travel through the Orient.

In the Majlis from Maison NANA1807 , you are naturally transported by the aromas of the varieties of tea and the different mint leaves , the exceptional ingredients that make up the Mint Teas , made in our Workshops juxtaposed with the  Maison NANA1807's Tea Room .

In the past, the interiors of Majlis were very simple, often on the floor.

Maison NANA1807 - Le Majlis - Salon de Thé à la Menthe


Each culture has its own rules of decorum. Maison NANA1807 cultivates and magnifies this cultural diversity. From how to eat to how to show your respect to others, here is a summary of the MAISON NANA1807's LABEL , on the occasion of your next Mint Tea ceremony :

  • Choose loose and comfortable clothes, in order to sit easily in the lotus position
  • Upon arrival, the official greeting to the host and other guests is “ Salam Alaykum ” (in Arabic: السلام عليكم , literally “ Peace be upon you ”)
  • And the best answer to this greeting is " Alaykum Salam " (in Arabic: عليكم السلام , meaning " And upon you be Peace ").
  • When you enter Maison NANA1807 , you take off your shoes. (slippers are at your disposal)
  • Usually, a Mint Tea and a refreshment are offered to you upon your arrival. Accept them and grab your glass with your right hand.
  • During the Mint Tea Ceremony , observe and ask all your questions without any taboos.
  • During the tasting session, never grab the teapot or any other element on the Synia (in Arabic: صينية , Mint tea service tray ) - This space is exclusive to the Master of Ceremonies
  • When food is presented to you, always take it with the fingers of your right hand, and pronounce the expression Bismillah (in Arabic: , literally " In the name of God ”)
  • At the end of Mint Tea ceremony , after tasting three glasses of Mint Tea , warmly thank the Master of Ceremonies by saying Shoukran Jazilaan (in Arabic: شكرا جزيلا , in French “ Merci beaucoup ”) and add the expression Al Hamdulillah (in Arabic: الحمد لله , in French “ Thank God ”) - a beautiful way to thank God and accept his Blessings during this ritual of hospitality and sharing with all the guests.

Maison NANA1807 - Le Majlis - Salon de Thé à la Menthe

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