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The Queen of Tea

Ritual & Secrets of Mint Tea

A Mint Tea for the Queen of England

It is around a Mint Tea , that you will discover the surprising history of the English tea tradition .

From the 9th century, Tea was part of Chinese consumption habits. And China began to export it to Tibet, and other countries in Asia and then to the Arab world.

Later, in the 15th century, Portugal was the first European country to import Tea for daily local consumption.

And the Portuguese were re-exporting Tea to other countries on the continent. Consumption was then very confidential, since tea was a very exclusive luxury product. At that time, the price of kilogram of tea was equivalent to one year's salary.

England discovered the benefits of tea, thanks to only one woman - Catherine de Braganza (1638-1705), Infanta of Portugal.

In 1662 she married Charles II of England. For dowry, she brought money, treasures, spices, Tea and the port cities of Tangier (Morocco) and Bombay (India). In exchange for this generous dowry, England made an alliance with Portugal to fight against Spanish expansionist ambition.

When Princess Catherine of Braganza was crowned "Queen" of England, Scotland and Ireland, she regularly brought in cases of loose tea . On the latter, we found the inscriptions " Transporter de Ervas Aromaticas " or simply the initials " T.E.A. ". These initials gave birth to the English word " Tea ", taken up in Latin " tea " then translated " ”in Spanish, or“ tee ”in German, and finally“ T hey ”in French.

And as surprising as it may seem, the Portuguese still call Tea - " chá " - just like the Chinese expression which is pronounced " chá ".

Main intermediaries of trade between China and Europe, The Arabs call Tea " shay " (in Arabic: شاي ) with a pronunciation equivalent to the Chinese expression .

Ode to the Queen of Tea

For the first birthday of the new Queen of England, a poem was composed in her glory and that of Tea by Edmund Warren:

"Venus her myrtle, Phœbus has his bays;
Tea both excels, which she vouchsafes to praise
The best of queens, and best of herbs , we owe
To that bold nation which the way did show
To the fair region where the sun does rise,
Whose rich productions we so justly prize.
The Muse's friend, Tea does our fancy aid,
Repress those vapors which the head invade,
And keeps that palace of the soul serene,
Fit on her birth-day to salute the Queen ”

In the book published in 1840, "The life of the queens of England" Agnes Strickland describes the first meeting around Catherine de Braganza's tea with the English royal family - the first English Tea Time :

“… The Duchess of York came from London in her barge, to pay homage to her royal sister-in-law.When she disembarked, King Charles received her at the entrance to the garden by the water, and led her to the Queen, who received her in her room. The Duchess offered to kiss her hand, but the Queen in prevented, lifting her in his arms and greeting her. The royal family then sat down by the queen's bed and chatted with her. It is likely that they then consumed Catherine's favorite drink, Tea, which became a fashionable refreshment in England shortly after her marriage to Charles II. "

Queen Catherine of England did not have children, but she left a fabulous legacy to the Crown of England ...

In anticipation of winter afternoons, we invite you to order your favorite Mint Tea , in order to enjoy all its properities, while browsing the surprising stories of Tea .

As a reminder, Mint Green Tea is excellent for health, due to the antioxidants, minerals and natural nutrients present in tea leaves as well as mint leaves .

Maison NANA1807 - La Reine du Thé autour du Thé à la Menthe

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  • Chère Madame,

    Merci pour commentaire et votre appréciation
    Nous espérons vous rencontrer bientôt pour vous faire découvrir nos nouvelles recettes de Thé à la Menthe


    Engie, Emma & Adam

    Maison NANA1807
  • Bravo pour l’historique du tea Time Anglais .
    Belle tradition à perpétuer et à conter comme le fait ma Maison nana1807 .

    ABID Hasna

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