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Mintéalogie - Art et Science du Thé à la Menthe par la Maison NANA1807


Introduction to Mintéalogy

Discover Mintéalogy in Berry!

You know oenology, coffeealogy, and certainly zythology (commonly called Bierology in Belgium...), Maison NANA1807 invites you to discover Mintéalogy - the science and art of visual, olfactory and gustatory tasting of teas. exceptional mint based on their variety, terroir of origin and their roasting.

Definition of Mintéalogy

Mintéalogy is the science whose object is the study and knowledge of Mint Tea . Its areas of application range from the cultivation of tea and mint to the production of Mint Tea, including all transformation processes and its packaging.

By extension, Mintéalogy concerns areas directly or indirectly related to the Tea industry and Mint plantations as well as the cultivation of Mint Tea (tasting, conservation, and consumption of the finished product)

Etymologically, the word is formed from the Greek τσάι (tsái “tea”), Μέντα (Ménta “mint”), and λόγος ( lógos “science”, “discourse”)

A Mintéalogue is therefore an expert in Mint Tea from many points of view: historical, technical but also and above all taste. 

The Mint Tea Master is an experienced Mintealogist recognized by his peers.

Mintéalogy Workshops

For the pleasure of traveling around Mint Tea.

Passing on the experience and passion of our Mint Tea Masters is the commitment we make during each “Mint Tea Tasting” - our tasting sessions or during this new series of Mintéalogy Workshops in Berry, in Bourges , for the pleasure of meeting you during these three introductory workshops. At the end of this initiation, you will have the opportunity to continue this unusual discovery in the Workshops of Maison NANA1807 in Rosières .

During each Mintéalogy Workshop, our facilitators create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere around Mint Tea .

Our goal is to make you LIVE a new experience around Mint Tea , an unusual and unforgettable experience every month of the year!

Mintéalogy - Art and Science of Mint Tea by Maison NANA1807
Taste the Difference & Share the Experience!
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