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Maison NANA1807 - Hammam & Thé à la Menthe

Hammam & Mint Tea


Hammam - The Ultimate Wellness Experience

Meaning both the public bath and the deep washing ritual, the Hammam is the ultimate experience of well-being….
This deliciously purifying ceremony has existed for centuries, and ends pleasantly with a tea with Mint.
The first Hammams were discovered in Arabia and it was the Turks who made them so popular.
Under the Ottoman Empire, the Turks merged the Arab ritual of Hammam with Greco-Roman customs. Roman Baths.
Thus was born a whole new purification ritual - the Hammam.
The Hammams played a central role in the promotion of hygiene and health, but they also served as meeting places where people could relax and socialize.
The Ottomans were inspired by Islamic prescriptions for hygiene and cleanliness. They then considered the Hammam as a purification ritual in preparation for Salat (prayer - the second pillar of Islam)
For this reason, many Hammams adjoin the Masjids (mosques). ​​

Enter & Relax in the Hammam

Traditionally, a Hammam has three spaces:

  • Camekan (Reception)
  • Sıcaklık (Hot room)
  • Soğukluk (Rest room)

Maison NANA1807 - Hammam & Thé à la Menthe The first room - Camekan - is a reception hall and cloakrooms. The receptionist hands you a towel - Peştemal - to cover your body and a pair of wooden sandals to avoid slipping on the wet floor.
Then a therapist - Tellack in Turkey or Kessal in Morocco - escorts you to the main room - Sıcaklık - where a thick, humid steam would start to relax the muscles and detoxify the body.
The Hammam is heated by the hypocaust system, using a wood-fired oven to heat the water used in the bath and the air which circulates under the floor and in the wall walls.

Maison NANA1807 - Hammam & Thé à la Menthe The Sıcaklık has a large marble slab, octagonal or rectangular in shape - Göbek Taşı, in the center and niches with fountains all around the room. The roof of Sıcaklık is dome-shaped decorated with windows through which natural light passes.
Lying on the stone or sitting in one of the niches, the therapist begins with a muscle massage , followed by 'a vigorous exfoliation using the horsehair glove - Kessa.

Continue to relax in the rest room

Before leaving the hammam, rinse yourself off in a cool shower, dry yourself off and put on your bathrobe. Relax in the rest room - the Sogulkluk - and enjoy a Mint Tea, to complete this moment of relaxation.
Maison NANA1807 - Hammam & Thé à la Menthe At Maison NANA1807, we invite you to enjoy a Mint Tea at the end of each meditation session, with simple exercises to practice at home ...


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