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Hammam & Thé à la Menthe

Hammam & Mint Tea

Drinking Mint Tea after your Hammam is highly recommended….

One of the reasons is to help the body to eliminate the substances that we release during the massage.

The exfoliation session eliminates sweat, minerals and other substances from muscle cells. At the end of the Hammam, the consumption of Mint tea helps to eliminate these substances… Without this elixir, these same substances accumulate between the muscle fibers and cause muscle pain.
On a psychological level, a cup of Mint Tea helps you gradually come back to earth.

While the Hammam experience was very successful and relaxing, your mind frees itself and travels very high - many of us feel a bit disoriented. Drinking a good Mint Tea allows you to come back to reality in a soft and pleasant way.

Hammam & Thé à la Menthe At Maison NANA1807, we invite you to live new experiences around Mint Tea, and we accompany you to simply relax…

To live these experiences during a stay in Berry or Morocco, book on


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