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Mint Tea Box

Ritual & Secrets of Mint Tea

Preserving Mint Tea

A good conservation of Mint tea is imperative for the preservation of its freshness, its quality and the flavor of your tastings.

If you consume Mint Green Tea for example on a regular basis, it may seem like a good idea to buy a large container to store large amounts of your Loose tea .

In reality, containers that are too large will decrease the quality of your Tea because the leaves will be exposed to the air inside the container.

At Maison NANA1807 , we recommend that you buy the amount you will consume in a few weeks, and restock regularly. This will ensure the freshness and quality of each tasting of your Mint Tea .

Here are other practical tips to keep your Mint Tea

Good practices

In order to enjoy all the aromas and delicious flavors of your Mint Tea , Maison NANA1807 recommends that you pay attention to:

  • the quality of the packaging of Mint Tea
  • The storage location for your Mint Tea

The ideal packaging for Mint Tea

  • Choose opaque packaging
  • Make sure the packaging is specific for food storage.
  • Glazed ceramics, non-reactive metals such as tinplate preferably or possibly aluminum
  • Wood packaging is a convenient option, but be aware that many wooden containers have odors that can influence the taste of Mint Tea . Bamboo remains one of the best possibilities.

The ideal location for your boxes of Mint Tea

  • Keep away from any place that emits an odor.
  • Store your Mint Tea in a dark cupboard or a completely opaque container.
  • Take care to separate the delicate Mint Teas from the Flavoured Mint Teas.
  • Store your Mint Tea in the dry areas of your kitchen or your tearoom .

The main conditions

By respecting the following five storage conditions, you will improve the shelf life of your Mint Teas :

Light and Mint Tea

Light and UV rays quickly degrade the quality of Mint Tea . Avoid purchasing your Mint Tea when it comes in clear plastic containers. And avoid storing your Mint Tea in an open and transparent container.

Heat and Mint Tea

The heat degrades the freshness of Mint Tea. Avoid placing it under the sun, or near heat sources.

Moisture and Mint Tea

Exposed to air, Mint Tea absorbs humidity very easily. To optimise its conservation and stability, avoid all humid areas, and the proximity of household appliances such as the dishwasher for example.

Smells and Mint Tea

The Mint Tea captures and absorbs all surrounding odors This characteristic of Tea allows the creation of amazing Fragrant Mint Teas.

In order to preserve the delight of the aromas of your Mint Tea , avoid keeping it in a spice cupboard or near your coffee boxes, or any other source of particular odor.

Ambient air and Mint Tea

As noted above, exposure to air increases the risk that your Mint Tea will absorb moisture and odors. Close your box of Mint Tea properly, avoid keeping it in porous packaging, such as paper bags for example.

Commitments of Maison NANA1807 for our Mint Teas

At Maison NANA1807 , we are concerned about defending cultural diversity and protecting biodiversity. For the packaging of our Mint Teas , eco-design and food safety are among our priority commitments.

In order to ensure the best preservation of the aromas of our Mint Teas , and respecting the constraints of food packaging (EC Regulation n ° 1935/2004 - ANIA / CLIFE Declaration), we seek the best technical solutions on the market for each development of the packaging of our Mint Teas .

Maison NANA1807 -  Boite du Thé à la Menthe

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