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Maison NANA1807 - Un Thé à la Menthe pour la nouvelle année Amazigh

Happy Amazigh Year

Ritual & Secrets of Mint Tea

A Berber Mint Tea

On the occasion of the celebration of the Amazigh New Year - Yennayer 2971, Maison NANA1807 invites you to discover a Traditional Mint tea from the villages of the Atlas. < / p>

This Authentic Mint Tea is a sweet blend of mints, herbs and flowers. It is a Mint Tea thirst-quenching and energizing during this winter period.

Celebrating the traditional culture of friendship and hospitality from the Maghreb, this Mint Tea is a ritual of the Berber New Year.

This new year 2021 marks the year 2971 for Amazighs or Imazighen (in Berber:: ⵉⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵏ or ⵎⵣⵗⵏ). Known in Antiquity as the Libyans, the Berbers have had different names throughout history, and across the vast African territory.

The celebration of this year 2971 has been rooted for much longer in African tales. It represents the link between the Amazighs and the land on which they live, as well as the wealth and generosity of the land.

The celebration of Yennayer is therefore a festival of nature, agrarian life, rebirth and abundance.

Etymologically, the word “ Yennayer ” is the combination of the Amazigh words “ Yenn ” (Un) and “ Ayur ” (month). The term " Yennayer " is also the name of the first month of the calendar Amazigh .

Yennayer also marks the start of a 20-day period known as the "Dark Nights", which represents one of the coldest times of the year.

The Amazigh calendar was widely used in Africa to regulate the agricultural seasons.

Yennayer is celebrated with the family. Most families prepare for the day by preparing a feast of traditional dishes and Berber Mint Tea ceremonies .

In keeping with the theme of rejuvenation, wealth and life, Yennayer became the occasion for important life events such as weddings, circumcisions, and a child's first haircut.

Maison NANA1807 offers you its best wishes for this new year - in Berber: " Aseggas Ameggaz " literally " Happy New Year ".

Maison NANA1807 - Un Thé à la Menthe pour la nouvelle année Amazigh

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  • Chère Madame,

    Merci pour commentaire et votre appréciation
    Nous espérons vous rencontrer bientôt pour vous faire découvrir nos nouvelles recettes de Thé à la Menthe

    Belle & Joyeuse année à vous et vos proches !,

    Engie, Emma & Adam

    Engie, Emma & Adam
  • Joyeux Yanayer avec la maisonnana 1807 !
    L’excellence même !

    ABID Hasna

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