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Mint Tea & Equality

A Mint Tea for Peace

Mint Tea for a Better and Fair World

An aromatic note to accompany the efforts of the association Aux Coeurs Des Mots in promoting equal rights between girls and boys.
" Aux Coeurs Des Mots is an association where the youth of the world can speak out and express themselves on equal rights and non-discrimination. Girls and boys demand education for all . ": Hilde Haneuse Heye, Founding President.

First Mint Tea for Equality

As part of the “Mint Tea For Peace ” program, Maison NANA1807 undertakes to donate to the association Aux Coeurs Des Mots , in full transparency, and on your behalf, according to the following principles:

To finance the Poetry Contest for Equality

A new Mint Tea to help fund the association Aux Coeurs des Mots , and in particular the organization of the first poetry competition for Equality.

Maison NANA1807 - Premier Thé à la Menthe pour L’Egalité This competition consists of writing a poem that will develop equal rights between girls and boys. It should discuss the reasons why it is important to respect equal rights and why this equality contributes to a better and just world for people, whatever their region, their culture and their beliefs.

Poetry is a work on words, an art of language that explores all their resources and aims to free expression, by playing on sounds, rhythm, musicality.

Since January 22, 2021, you can buy and taste the Mint tea "Aux Coeurs Des Mots" , and Maison NANA1807 will donate to the association Aux Coeurs des Mots , 10% of the recipes for this delicious and generous elixir for Equality….

Taste the Difference & Share the Experience!

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  • Chère Madame,

    Merci pour commentaire et votre appréciation
    Nous espérons vous revoir bientôt pour vous faire découvrir nos nouvelles recettes de Thé à la Menthe


    Engie, Emma & Adam
    Maison NANA1807

    Maison NANA1807
  • Je ne peux qu’apprécier cette initiative pleine de bon sens, en tout point essentielle en ces jours où l’égalité est devenue justement un grand mot fourre-tout que certains emploient à la façon d’une arme.
    Merci aux cœurs unis derrière cette action.

    Delfine Guy

    Guy Delfine

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