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Saint Louis tumblers

Ritual & Secrets of Mint Tea

Kingdom of Morocco - Saint Louis Crystal Goblets

These cups are a tribute to the tradition of Mint Tea, to a beautiful country where the tasting of Mint Tea is synonymous with hospitality and generosity.
They come in the colours of the imperial cities of the Morocco… The Saint Louis Mint tea glasses are the result of centuries-old French know-how.

It is in the heart of the Saint-Louis crystal factory, which has been working for no less than 4 centuries to make these marvels of fine tableware, that history has been written.
Founded in 1586 in the forest region of the Vosges in France, the Saint-Louis factory gave birth to a whole village built and developed around its glass guilds. In 1767, two centuries after the creation of the village, renowned manufacturers were given royal mandates and the name of Verrerie Royale de Saint-Louis, by Louis XV, for the exceptional quality of their glassware.

It was at the Saint-Louis foundry that crystal was introduced in France in 1781, by the master glassmaker and former director François de Beaufort. M. de Beaufort discovered the crystalline formula: adding lead to the substance of glass to give the material more weight, sound and refractive virtues of light. The Verrerie Royale de Saint-Louis was later renamed Cristallerie Royale de Saint-Louis, and since 1829 has dedicated itself exclusively to crystal production.

Today, Maison Saint-Louis is still recruiting glassblowers, tailor masters and engravers from all over Europe, trained for six to eight years in the professional schools of the manufacture.

The manufacture of crystal includes multiple phases and skills, divided into two main categories of know-how: in the “Hot Glass” workshops, where the crystalline substance is melted and blown to its final forms, and the workshops “Cold Glass”, where the final pieces are cut, engraved or gilded.

Famous among the French bourgeoisie, his fame goes beyond borders to seduce royal courts throughout the world, starting with that of sultans of Morocco, who swear by the Cristallerie Saint-Louis and its tea glasses, which were designed in response to their request.

Influencers, the sultans are imitated by the Moroccan bourgeoisie and, from the 19th century, drinking Mint tea in a Saint-Louis glass is a must.

Maison NANA1807 - Kingdom of Morocco - Verres Thé à la Menthe en Cristal Saint Louis Come and share a Mint Tea for Peace … or order online ...

Taste the Difference & Share the Experience

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  • Bonjour J’ai tellement beaucoup des verres de saint -louis .comment puis-je les connaître à l’origine !?


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