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Maison NANA1807 - Thé à la Menthe de la Route de la Soie

Silk and Tea Routes

Meditation around Mint Tea

Mint Tea from the Silk Road

Around Mint Tea , Maison NANA1807 pays homage to the famous historical paths from East to West which allow you to '' enjoy Tea and many flavors from elsewhere on a daily basis.

The Silk Road is a vast and perilous network of more than ten thousand kilometers stretching from China to the Mediterranean Sea. This winding infrastructure has transformed the history of mankind. The Silk Road was the forerunner of today's globalization.

Two things gave a vital impetus to the creation and development of these intercontinental networks: silk and horses.

While the Chinese had the precious secret of sericulture, the nomads of Central Asia and the Arab world had horses - essential for war, and for prestige.

A beautiful feminine invention thanks to Tea

In 2700 BC. J.-C, the legendary Chinese empress Leizu (in Chinese: 嫘 祖 ) invented the silk thread, then the silk loom.

According to Chinese legend, Leizu was meditating around Tea (without Mint) , under a mulberry tree ( in English: mulberry for the sake of the anecdote with our Friends of Berry ), when a silkworm cocoon fell into her cup of Tea . With the heat of the tea, the worm itself began to unravel into a long silk thread. The Empress then realized that this thread was particularly soft.

The Famous Tea Road

In addition to the Silk Road, another path, containing a network of caravans, called " Tea Horse Road ", has also become important to facilitate trade in Tea between China and Tibet, then to Mongolia, India, Turkey and to Morocco.

In reality, silk like Tea was currency for everything the Chinese needed: from horses to jewelry, as well as herbs, spices, ivory, rhinoceros horn, rare wood species, cotton and ingredients for making dyes…

At that time, the prestigious and exclusive status of Tea made it a very distinguished gift to royalty and sultans and much later to the bourgeoisie.

Without the Silk Road, the world trade in Tea could not have developed. And you wouldn't have known the flavours of Mint Tea .

In the 14th century, the famous Moroccan geographer and explorer n Ibn Battuta (in Arabic: ابن بطّوطة ) wrote the book “The precious treasures of the Earth and the wonders of travel ” (in Arabic: تحفة النظار في غرائب ​​ الأمصار وعجائب الأسفار ) - commonly known as Rihla or Voyages (in Arabic: الرحلة ), is a treasure trove of beautiful stories on these legendary roads.

Maison NANA1807 honors the heritage of the Silk Road with its mission to make Mint tea recipes with natural and organic ingredients, selected and processed by hand to guarantee excellence and high quality.

In this holiday month, we commemorate the epic of the Silk Road and the gifts it brought us from the East.

We are grateful for the opportunity to receive you around a Mint Tea with your families and friends to share a meditation, a meal, and especially smiles

Maison NANA1807 - Thé à la Menthe de la Route de la Soie

Taste the Difference & Share the Experience!

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  • Chère Madame,

    Merci pour commentaire et votre appréciation
    Nous publierons prochainement les lieux d’hébergements à proximité de Maison NANA1807

    Et, nous espérons vous accueillir bientôt pour vous faire découvrir nos nouvelles recettes de Thé à la Menthe


    Engie, Emma & Adam

    Maison NANA1807
  • Votre Thé nous fait voyager à travers la route de la soie , quel Bonheur et Enchantement !!
    Sûr qu’après le semi confinement on viendra avec plaisir déguster la qualité de vos thé …
    Avez-vous prévu des hébergements non loin de chez vous ?
    Bien à vous .

    ABID Hasna

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