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Thé à la Menthe Maison NANA1807 - Pour un Joyeux Ramadan

Ramadan karim

Meditation around Mint Tea

Mint tea for Ramadan

Maison NANA1807 infuses you a Mint Tea every day, at the time of breaking the fast, throughout the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan - the ninth month of the Hegirian calendar - is rather known as the month of fasting (the sick, the elderly, pregnant women and travelers are exempt from this ritual of fasting). To the point that the popular expression boils down to "Are you doing Ramadan?" rather than "Do you fast during the month of Ramadan?"

This holy month offers any seeker a self-reflection course that has the power to bring about a revolution of the heart and helps restore justice, peace and harmony to the world.

During the 29 or 30 days of the month of Ramadan, fasting is total from dawn to sunset - that is, for fifteen hours, just like intermittent fasting becoming a very fashionable trend.

"O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those who came before you so that you may learn Taqwa." (Quran 2: 183)

The Arabic word Taqwa translates in many ways, including awareness of God, reverential fear of God, godliness, and self-control.

Around Mint Tea , we like to meditate on words that lose their meaning when translated without explanation - In this case Taqwa could be conceptualized in different sociological circles.

Imagine, sipping a Green Mint Tea, the wise man in his quest for balance, self-control, combining his daily practice and the theory accumulated during his readings. In particular, he cultivates the virtues of patience, harmony and serenity.

Economically, the entrepreneur is at the service of a cause that goes beyond him and leads him to surpass himself. He is distinguished by strength of mind - manifested by his energy, nobility in choosing the desired goals.

In religious reflection, the saint strives for perfection, less out of concern for integrity than out of love for God, in the ardor of his faith which leads to total dedication and self-forgetting .

So Ramadan is the embodiment of reflection, revelation, revolution and restoration. And often a month of sharing with family and friends around a Great Mint tea.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) began his journey to prophecy with inner reflection. He was looking for a broader meaning in life that would restore justice and peace to society. He meditated at length, in the sanctuary of a secluded cave, surrounded by rugged, barren mountains on the outskirts of Mecca.

By divine grace, he received an answer to his questioning in the form of revelations ... recorded in the Holy Quran ... It was during this same month of Ramadan, 1442 years ago ...

The very first word of the revelation was "Lis" (in Arabic: اقرأ and in phonetics: "Iqra"). Ramadan opened the door to the luminous message that Prophet Muhammad will continue to receive for the next twenty-three years of his life.

The revelations sparked an extraordinary revolution of the heart in which bloomed the fragrant flowers of mercy and compassion - the essential elements of a just and civilized society.

This very first action verb " Iqra" (often translated as "read", it also means "repeat aloud" or "recite") is addressed to humanity, the Prophet Mohammed therefore representing humanity in its relationship to God

"Iqra", thus inspired a nation of Bedouins to glean knowledge on all sciences, then inspired them to share it with the whole world, without distinction of belief, color or sex for the common good of humanity.

At the conclusion of this meditation around very hot Mint tea , The seed of this remarkable transformation of a people was planted in the month of Ramadan fourteen centuries ago.

This year's Ramadan, whose first day is marked as always by the birth of a new moon, offers the same orientations and symbolizes the same ideas as in the 7th century.

To savor the moment of your Iftar (in Arabic الإفطار, or breakfast), Maison NANA1807 recommends the most amazing Mint tea - GOOD HOPE .

Assembled on a base of Rooibos , and Sweet Mint leaves , this elixir is nutritionally rich, and contains neither theine nor caffeine ... The ideal drink - in iced tea or in hot infusion - for your Ramadan evenings

Ramadan Kareem - Happy Ramadan

Thé à la Menthe Maison NANA1807 - Pour un Joyeux Ramadan


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