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Maison NANA1807 - Mint Tea Lovers de Salé, Amoureux du Thé à la Menthe

Mint Tea Lovers of Salé

Meditation around Mint Tea

Mint Tea Lovers de Salé

We invite you through this meditation around Mint tea , to discover the town of Salé which saw the birth of Mouima and his Moroccan family - All in love with freedom facing the call of the Atlantic Ocean ...

The Rabat-Salé metropolis, the second largest in Morocco in terms of population and economy, is divided by the Bouregreg valley. The current development of the Bouregreg valley is an exceptional opportunity to build a high quality eco-citizen agglomeration.

While browsing its Marina, you will see that the Slaouis are rich in their hospitality and their Muslim culture. On the café terraces, you will taste a Mint tea mixed with other aromatic plants depending on the season.

Often overlooked by tourists - the town of Salé is worth exploring for its cultural heritage and rich history. Dating from the 12th century BC, the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and naturally the Berbers have all left their mark on the architecture of the city of Salé.

Salé is located on the right bank of the Bouregreg - Morocco's main river that joins the Atlantic Ocean between Salé and Rabat, the capital of the kingdom. The two cities have always been closely linked geographically and culturally. Rabat was called Salé-Le-Neuf for a long time, while Salé was organized into an autonomous and independent republic in the 17th century.

Sallee Rovers - The Great Navigators

Salé is indeed the city of our Moroccan ancestors - Those who have crisscrossed the world on their racing ship - Les Salles Rovers ...

It was around a Mint tea, that we discovered the legendary epic of the Sallee Rovers - The Corsairs of Salé and their great races on the seas and oceans.

The Corsairs of Salé, often presented as pirates, are in reality the valiant Corsairs of the current metropolis of Rabat-Salé, capital of the kingdom of Morocco. The Corsairs of Salé built their reputation as incredible navigators in the 16th and 17th century, crossing the Mediterranean and especially the Atlantic Ocean in Europe and America.

During the Merinid era, the town of Salé ( سلا ;) - then called Salé-Le-Vieux was one of the most important ports Africa and Europe.

From this dynamic port until the 18th century, the Sallee Rovers shone all over Europe and the Americas.

Robinson Crusoe in Salé

You know the Rover Rooms well, without actually naming them.

In his novel "Robinson Crusoe", Daniel Defoe was inspired by the story of an Anglo-Saxon captive held by the Sallee Rovers. He regained his freedom at the mouth of the Bouregreg in the town of Salé.

To other scholars, it is a translation of the original story of Ibn Tufayl, published in English in 1708, which is said to have inspired the novel "Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe.

Born in the 12th century, he is one of the immense Muslim scholars forgotten in history ... Abu Bakr Mohammed ben Abd-el-Malik ben Tufayl el-Qaïci - Ibn Tufayl ( ابن طفيل ) is a philosopher, astronomer, doctor, mathematician ...

At Maison NANA1807, we will make you discover, around ALHAMBRA  Mint tea, his philosophical novel, “ Hayy Ibn Yaqdhân حي بن يقظان) ) Meaning " The Living One, son of the Awakened" .

In this novel, Ibn Tufayl describes the life, education and personal development of a human being living alone on an uninhabited island.

The original manuscript is currently in the Bodley Library at the University of Oxford.

Maison NANA1807 - Mint Tea Lovers de Salé, Amoureux du Thé à la Menthe

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