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The Green colour of Mint

Meditation around Mint Tea

The Green colour of Mint

Just as Mint Tea is a symbol of Peace, green represents life. The green colour is a symbol of prosperity and of living well together. Green is thus the colour of moderation.

Green like blue and red are the primary colours of the visible spectrum. A primary colour cannot be created by two other colours, but all other colours can be created by combining the primary colours.

The secret of the vision of colour lies in the light sensitivity of the retina. And cells in the retina react differently to light reflected from coloured objects. They contain three types of chemically different pigments. These pigments are proteins that absorb light: some are especially sensitive to long wavelengths of the visible spectrum (red) others to intermediate wavelengths (green) and others finally to short wavelengths. waves (blue).

The human eye reacts differently to visible colours. And curiously, it is more sensitive to green… It is naturally, the most relaxing colour for the human eye.

In addition, green is lies between yellow and blue on the visible spectrum. If you mix yellow and blue paint, you get green. Symbolically, yellow represents the sun - the light of the Celestial Kingdom - while blue represents the Earth - worldly life.
Humans are indeed a mixture of attributes heavenly and earthly, just as green is a mixture of yellow and blue.

Just like Mint , green also has a healing power. It suggests stability and endurance. In heraldry, green indicates growth and hope.
And in eastern symbolism, green is associated with Islam. < br> While the Western conception has long represented nature according to the theory of the four elements - fire, air, water and earth, Islam has associated green with nature, from its origin.
In Arabic, Jannah (paradise) literally means "garden" - a beautiful image universally associated with the colour green. < / p>

" Their garments shall be of fine green silk and gold embroidery. They will be adorned with silver bracelets, and their Lord will give them a cleansing drink. " (Quran 76:21)

Al-Khiḍr, the Green Man

Al-Khidr (Arabic: الخضر ) is a Quranic figure who met and initiated Moses into ultimate wisdom.

Khiḍr literally meaning "The Green" or "The Verdant", represents the freshness of the spirit and the eternal vivacity. Green symbolizes the freshness of knowledge drawn from the Living Source. Whatever the source of this green, it has come to symbolize the divine wisdom imparted by the Divine Himself to Al-Khiḍr and Prophet Muhammad.

In Muslim tradition, Al-Khiḍr is known as the spiritual guide of Moses and probably of Alexander the Great. We invite you to discover this legendary story around a ceremony of Mint tea .

There they found one of Our servants whom We had blessed with special grace and to whom We had taught exclusive knowledge.

Moses asked him: "May I accompany you so that you may teach me everything that you have been taught?" " (Quran 18: 65-66)

Khiḍr is associated with the elixir of youth - possibly based on Mint Tea - a source of life that brings eternal youth and eventually immortality

According to Islamic tradition, Al-Khiḍr is still alive and he continues to guide those who walk towards the Light…

Maison NANA1807 - Le Vert de la Menthe du Thé à la Menthe

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