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Maison NANA1807 - Jannah Le Jardin Vert du Paradis

The Green Garden of Paradise

Meditation around Mint Tea

The Green Garden of Paradise

" Jannah " (Paradise in Islam) is derived from the Arabic word meaning hidden, covered or hidden, because Jannah is a place hidden from view and covered with trees, Tea trees , and plants like the Mints in our garden.

Jannah is often translated to mean "Green Garden" - The garden of the virtuous to meditate around the Mint tea .

Heaven is said to be located in the region of the seventh heaven. The English word "Heaven" refers to the kingdom of the Seven Heavens. The Heavens that hover over the Earth.

At Maison NANA1807, we believe in the concept of Jannah (Paradise). Jannah is the everlasting abode of radiant joy, peace and bliss in the Hereafter, reserved only for the righteous who throughout their lives have believed in One God - The Ultimate Creator, His Message and His prophets - and lived according to the commandments of God.

It will be the final destination of those who enter Heaven, who will remain there forever and will never taste evil or death again.

"And Heaven will be drawn near for the righteous" (Quran 26:90)

Heaven is exalted, a place of absolute peace and content. Everyone will achieve their full fulfillment in this paradise, where their wishes will be granted without any restriction.

The inhabitants will see only what they want and will listen to melodies which give them pleasure. Unlike the fleeting joys of our world, the pleasures of paradise are intense, pure and everlasting.

Each person in Paradise will find his company among the righteous, many families will finally find themselves reunited.

Heaven is free from sorrow, hatred, boredom, jealousy, handicap, sickness, malaise, fatigue, sickness, pain, distress and anxiety. The shadow of Jannah will be a shelter of protection and safety, and no fear or sadness will affect its inhabitants.

"And whosoever, man or woman, does good works, while being a believer ... these shall enter Heaven, and no one shall be deprived of one iota of his righteous reward" (Quran 4: 124) < / blockquote>

The beauties and pleasures of paradise are so amazing, that it is beyond our imagination. Just as a blind man cannot describe colors accurately, no one can imagine the delights of heaven. Immense pleasures that they have no basis of comparison in the terrestrial domain.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said :

"Allah, the Exalted, said: 'I have prepared for my faithful subjects what no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no spirit has conceived. "

Heaven was created before the creation of mankind by the Almighty, and this ethereal place will never end nor cease to exist. The mansions, food, adornments of Paradise will be far superior to what we know of in this world. Even the experience of Mint Tea will be unmatched among the pleasures of Paradise ...

We will not experience any weariness in Heaven. All forms of delicacies and pleasures will increase with each experience.

"No soul knows what is in store for him as joy for the eyes, as a reward for their works" (Quran 32:17)

Maison NANA1807 - Jannah Le Jardin Vert du Paradis Spread over seven major levels, Heaven is divided into several floors, minor levels and landings. Each higher level brings greater joys and pleasures than the lower level. The base level of Paradise is ten times greater than our universe.The highest level of Paradise is called Jannah Al-Firdaous

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said :

"... When you invoke God, ask Him to grant you Al-Firdaous for it is the best of Heavens. Above him is the Royal Throne of the Merciful and the abundant springs of Paradise. "

The residents of Paradise will communicate with each other, whatever the level of their residence. The happiest of residents will have the privilege of visiting all of the lower levels. Only the most deserving will benefit from the exclusive pleasures of the upper levels.

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