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The One and only God

Meditation around Mint Tea

Allah is the Arabic name for "God"

And he was so named before the advent of Islam. Long before the birth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of God be upon him) , the name Allah was used by our brothers Jews and Arab Christians to designate God - The One and the Only.

The names “ Allah ” and “ God ” or " God are interchangeable in Arab cultures and within the Muslim religion.

"He is the One God. No other god but Him Alone - The Supreme Sovereign, Exclusive Holiness, The Ultimate Source of Peace and Perfection, The Reassuring and Protector, The All-Glorious and the Irresistible, The Almighty and The Omnipotent - Glory to Allah! He transcends everything they associate with Him. "

Muhammad (Peace and blessings of God be upon him) - Quran (59:23)

Al Ahad - The One & The Only

On one and only occasion in the Qur'an, God is called Al-Ahad - The One, the Only.

Al-Ahad means the One who was, is and always will be the only one. He is indivisible and the essence of oneness, and nothing or no one can ever be equal to Him in essence in the entirety of all of His magnificent attributes.

He who has always been and remains Alone - Incomparable, Unmatched, Indivisible - He who is the essence of Unity - The Exclusive - The One and Only.

The one who has no second in sovereignty, neither in essence, nor in attributes. The one who has not been begotten and who has never begotten.

The one who does not depend on any other, and to whom there is no resemblance. The One in whom all names, attributes and relationships are united.

From the root A-h-d , are derived, in Classical Arabic, the following expressions:

  • to be only One
  • to be the Alone, a Alone, Alone
  • Unite, Unify

Maison NANA1807 - Méditation autour du Thé à la Menthe To live in peace with oneself and others, reading the Koran is certainly the most powerful and rewarding exercise in meditation.

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