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Maison NANA1807 - Décodage du Coran autour d'un Thé à la Menthe

The Secret Code

Meditation around Mint Tea

Decoding around a Mint Tea

During meditative sessions around Mint Tea from Maison NANA1807, we like to discuss a number of subjects ... The science of mathematics amuses us and often surprises us ....

"Mathematics is the language with which God created the universe" [Galileo]

And we are going to share with you the discovery of an encryption code in reading the Holy Scriptures. Far beyond human intelligence, we are going to decode a secret hidden in an ancient time capsule for you.

This mathematical decoding assures us that the ayahs (verses), words, letters and all parameters of the Holy Scriptures were written according to a complex and superhuman pattern.

In its original version, in its original language, its content is preserved from its origin and will be until the end of time. It is the Holy Quran, read and recited for over 1400 years, in Arabic every day by 2 billion Muslims around the world.

A plethora of scientific findings show that code 19 represents a divine signature on certain creations. For example:

  • Every 19 years, the sun, moon and earth align in the same positions.
  • Halley's Comet, a deep celestial phenomenon, appears in our solar system every 76 years (76 being a multiple of 19 - 19x4).
  • Our human body contains exactly 209 bones (209 being a multiple of 19 - 19x11).
  • The duration of pregnancy for a full term - 266 days or 38 weeks from fertilization. (266 and 38 are both multiples of 19).

The Koran, revealed in 610-630, is the only Holy Scripture that is still expressed in its original language and form. It is also the only mathematically coded book.

All the parameters of the Quran - the numbers and sequences of the suras, the number of ayahs (verses), the numbers assigned to each ayah (verse), the number of words, the number of certain specified letters, the number of words of the same root, the number and variety of divine names, the absence of one or more letters of a word, of a ayah (verse) or of a sura, the unique and often singular spelling of certain words and of grammatical forms, and many other elements are all authenticated by this mathematical code.

The Secret Code

This secret code was discovered by examining the occurrences of certain initials in the suras of the Quran. Here are a few examples:

  • In the Quran, there are 114 suras (114 being a multiple of 19 - 19 x 6).
  • The total number of ayahs (verses), in the Quran is 6,346 (6,346 being a multiple of 19 - 19 x 334).
  • The first statement of the Quran, "In the name of God, The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful" consists of 19 letters in its Arabic version. Known as " Basmalah ", it prefaces every Sura except the 9th Sura.
  • Absent from the 9th Sura, Basmalah is found twice, exactly 19 suras later in the Quran. This causes 114 Basmalah to appear in the Quran (114 being a multiple of 19 - 19 x 6).
  • The very first revelation to our beloved Prophet Mohammad is exactly 19 words long in the original Arabic version.
  • 76 letters make up the 19 words of this first revelation (76 being a multiple of 19 - 19 x 4).
  • God's name in Arabic, “ Allah ”, occurs 2,698 times in the Quran (2,698 being a multiple of 19 - 19 x 142). is 19 x 142.
  • The main message of the Quran is that there is only One God The word "One", denoting this concept of One God, occurs exactly 19 times.

After the first glass of Mint Tea , we consider that this occurrence of the number 19 is too frequent to be accidental ... and You?

There are nineteen of them watching over it. "[Quran 74:30)

Maison NANA1807 - Décodage du Coran autour d'un Thé à la Menthe And we invite you to taste a second glass of Mint Tea , and continue this demonstrative and mysterious exercise, unrelated to the current COVID-19 ...! < / p>

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