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Beauty and Beauty

Meditation around Mint Tea

Allah is Beautiful and He loves Beauty

During our meditation sessions around Mint Tea, we like to discover the words of wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of God be upon him). Here is an example of his stories:

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said:

“Anyone who has the weight of an atom of pride in their heart will not enter Heaven. "A man then asked him:" What if a person likes to dress in be nice clothes and nice shoes? The Prophet replied: " Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty. Pride rather means excessive self-esteem and contempt of people, placing oneself above them. "

This hadith (in French) shows that Allah not only loves beauty, but that He Himself is beautiful.

Unable to imagine and describe the ultimate beauty of God, we can nevertheless contemplate His beauty in three ways: His features, His creation and His divine light.

Beauty in the features of Allah

The Quran and the hadith deal at length with the features of Allah, in order to meditate on the various aspects of His divine nature and Her ultimate beauty.

Let us meditate on some of His perfect attributes. He is Al-Salam , The Source of peace and tranquility - He is Al-Wadud , The Magnet - and Al-Muhaymin , The true Protector and Guardian. He is the Compassionate whose mercy extends to all that exists, and no sin is unforgivable in his eyes. He is the Protector Friend of those who do good. He is the Most Generous, the Possessor and the Giver of wisdom.

Allah nourishes all of His creatures and sustains the many forms of life on earth and beyond. He is Al-Baari , the one who makes the Creation evolve in stages. This is Al-Musawwir, The Creator who designed this universe to perfection.

Any matter is not beyond His knowledge and He is aware of our deepest thoughts and all of our actions. He is extremely Righteous, Indulgent and the One who rules all the affairs of the world.

Beauty in the creation of Allah

While Allah is totally different and far above His Creation, without any possible overlap, the beauty of His creation expresses the expanse of His own divine beauty.

Lush meadows, streams, budding plants, Fresh mints like red roses, snow-capped mountains and vast oceans are all beautiful to behold. Equally extraordinary to watch are the creatures that roam the land, swim in the water, or fly the sky - from a tiny ladybug to a giant polar bear.

In fact, there is beauty in everything - the mere rising or setting of the sun, the formation of clouds in the sky, the aroma of Mint Tea . < / p>

All around Mint Tea constantly reminds us of the divine beauty of Their One and Only Creator - Allah. Let us take the time to meditate around Mint Tea , each sign to recognize the splendor of Its beauty.

Beauty in the light of Allah

Since our human faculties cannot fully grasp the divine nature of our Creator, He sometimes uses examples and parables to convey His Presence. It often presents itself in perfect light, the radiance of which encompasses the entire universe.

The following ayah (often translated Quranic verse in English) describes this divine light, and conveys a sense of the high degrees of Her ultimate beauty:

"Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth The example of his light is like a niche inside which is a lamp, the lamp is in the glass, the glass as s' it was a pearly [white] star lit by [the oil of a] blessed olive tree, neither from the east nor from the west, whose oil would almost glow even if it was not touched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides whom He wills to His light. And Allah sets examples for the people, and Allah knows all things. (Quran 24:35)

Beauty loved by Allah

Allah does not judge us by our physical appearance, as the Prophet said:

“Allah does not look at your outward appearance and your wealth, but He observes the intentions in your heart and your actions. "

Allah loves your inner beauty. An inwardly beautiful person cares about others, acts selflessly, masters his ego, and is not proud and conceited. This person remains resolute in difficult times and is content with what they have. Such a person is never quick to judge others or find fault with them, but focuses entirely on personal development and coming closer to God.

Maison NANA1807 - Thé à la Menthe - Allah est Beau et Il aime la Beauté

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