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Maison NANA1807 - Un Thé à la Menthe pour une Femme d’Exception

The first one

Meditation around Mint Tea

Mint Tea for an Exceptional Woman

On the occasion of each Mint Tea ceremony, Maison NANA1807 tells you the unique story of Mouima , and that of exceptional women that have forged our character.

There is no doubt that Madame Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid (555-620) is the exceptional woman par excellence. She is an excellent role model and her life is full of lessons for everyone…

Madame Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid was a beautiful woman, well respected, successful in business, mother, philanthropist - and she defies from afar all the stereotypes of the Muslim woman conveyed by the media today.

She was a unique woman especially in pre-Islamic Arabia, where women had no rights.

Her first name Khadijah (Arabic: خديجة) literally means "premature child" or "ahead of her time" well characterizes her birth and her life course.

Madam Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid is, moreover, the first woman to bear this first name in the history of mankind.

Popular hagiographies claim that Madam Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid was born into a noble and wealthy family. Her father, Khuwaylid Ibn Asad, was an entrepreneur and one of the chiefs of his tribe. After his disappearance, Khadijah is said to have taken over the family's business.

In fact, she was already a successful businesswoman before her father passed away. She was the major shareholder of a diverse and powerful corporate group within the Quraysh tribe (in Arabic قريش - literally meaning "the one who unites").

The Quraysh represent the Arab tribe that historically inhabited and controlled Mecca and its Ka'aba - which was, before the advent of Islam, a place of pilgrimage and the largest trading center in the Arabian Peninsula.

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In this environment dominated by men, Mrs. Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid has managed to develop her business. On its own, it represented more than half of the wealth of the tribe of the Quraysh - hence its name " Ameerat-Quraysh (in Arabic: أميرة قريش" Princess of the Quraysh "), or" Khadijah Al-Kubra (in Arabic خديجة الكبرى "Khadijah the Great").

Rich and powerful didn't make her arrogant or proud, however, she was humble and extremely generous.

On the roof of her house was installed a green silk pavilion. Thus identified, the poor, orphans and needy could visit her for help.

Distinguished within the Quraish tribe for her equitable generous actions and her monotheistic piety, she was nicknamed Al-Tahira (in Arabic الطاهرة - "the pure").

Widowed at the age of 25, she had not remarried for 15 years, and refused the many marriage proposals made to her by the notables of the tribe.

A Mint Tea for an Exceptional Couple

A well-respected businesswoman, Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid operated in major shopping centers, and regularly exported her wares to Yemen and Syria.

As Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid did not travel with her caravan herself, she recruited managers to conduct transactions on her behalf. Always in search of honest and upright managers to get her goods to the right destination, she recruited a young man whose probity and sincerity were recognized in Mecca.

According to Sîra (in Arabic: سيرة, "biography"), this dynamic young man took the road north, towards Syria, in order to direct a first operation on behalf of Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid

On the long perilous path, the caravan made regular breaks in the caravanserais, to eat around a Mint tea .

During a stopover, the young manager rested in the shade of a tree near a monk’s hermitage.

Curious about the situation, the monk called out to the caravanners: "Who is this man in the shade of the tree? "Maysarah, one of the faithful employees of Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid, replied:" He is a man from Qoraysh, from the vicinity of the Sanctuary of Mecca "The monk said to him without further details:" Only a prophet would rest there. 'shadow of this tree'

Returning from this first business trip, Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid was pleasantly surprised at the benefit of this operation, which twice achieved its objectives.

Maysarah told her the story of the trip, the meeting with the monk. He also exposed her to the talents of negotiator and management of the brilliant young man.

Demanding, noble and intelligent, Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid was also a very beautiful woman - the most beautiful woman on the peninsula.

When Maysrah had told her about everything he had seen, she invited her new manager, for a tasting of Mint tea , and, declared to him: " Cousin, I I am well disposed towards you given our family ties, the place of honor you occupy among yours, your honesty, the nobility of your character and your sincerity. "

To the great and beautiful surprise of her interlocutor, she offered to marry him.

Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid enjoyed the best lineage among the women of Quraysh, she was the most beautiful and the most fortunate; any man of her clan would have liked to marry her, if she had granted him this privilege.

His 15-year-old younger manager, the 25-year-old manager, married the exceptional Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid… They had many children and were very happy…

The blessed young man is our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

With his wife Khadija, they form the exceptional duo in promoting the universal message of Islam - the religion of Peace.

We have the rest of their incredible story in store for you on the occasion of an upcoming meditation around Mint Tea .

Maison NANA1807 - Un Thé à la Menthe pour une Femme d’Exception

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