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Love & loyalty

Meditation around Mint Tea

A Mint Tea for Love

Around Mint tea , here is the astonishing story of an improbable couple… A story of seduction and a magnificent story of love, patience and loyalty ..

“Through the revelation of the Quran, we are telling the best stories you never knew before. "(Quran 12: 3)

A Mint Tea in homage to Zulaikha and Yusuf

Once upon a time in Egypt there was a beautiful, very influential woman - Zulaikha (in Arabic: زليخة ) mentioned in the Quran as the wife of Al-'Aziz (in Arabic: ٱلعزيز ), an Egyptian dignitary.

The latter, a great officer of Pharaoh, had great affection for Yusuf (in Arabic: يوسف, - in French Joseph ) - a young slave bought, by chance, to caravanners from Palestine.

These caravanners had found and captured Yusuf , on their way, at the bottom of a well. He had been abandoned by his eleven brothers. Extremely jealous of him, they had decided to separate him from their father - Yaqub (in Arabic: يعقوب , - in French Jacob) who indeed seemed to prefer him among his siblings.

At the end of these long adventures, Yusuf therefore finds himself in the service of the house of Al-‘Aziz . He becomes its best servant and Master of Mint Tea Ceremonies.

Seduced by the physical beauty and charisma of Yusuf , Zulaikha fell in love with her young servant. Faithful to his Master, he repeatedly rejected the advances of the beautiful and seductive hostess.

"Yusuf has received half of all human beauty" Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of God be upon him)

Seduction around a Mint Tea

One day, while her husband left the house for his business with Pharaoh, Zulaikha locks all the doors, and calls Yusuf to satisfy her lust.

Dressed in the most seductive way, she said
"Oh Yusuf ! You have the most beautiful face. "
Yusuf , imagining the ploy of Zulaikha , answers him:
" This is how my Lord created me when I was born, and I thank him every day "
" Oh Yusuf ! She said, "You have beautiful hair! "
" It will be the first part of my body to perish in my grave "he replies.
Without being discouraged, Zulaikha continue:
"Oh Yusuf ! Your eyes are extraordinary ".
" I use them to contemplate my Lord "he retorts.
Certain of his many seductive attributes, she said to him:
" Yusuf ! lift your sight and look at my face "
Modest and chaste, He answers
" By this, I fear to resuscitate blind in the 'beyond'

She tries to approach him, but he walks away, and prefers to withdraw to prepare a Mint Tea .
" I come close to you, and you walk away… Why? "She asks him
" I desire, more than anything, the closeness of my Lord ", he said.
" Yusuf , join me in my bed, and slip under the sheets with me ", she said
" I'm afraid your sheets do not protect us from the sight of My lord."He said to her
" Yusuf , I have adorned myself with the most beautiful silk of China, so I order you to satisfy my desires! "She exclaims, without hiding her impatient envy
" If I do, "he said," I'm afraid I will lose my place in paradise . "

Any attempt to seduce Zulaikha was in vain, and Yusuf 's wish to bring her back to God's remembrance seemed unsuccessful. At that moment, Zulaikha understood that she had to be even more daring to satisfy her desires.

Before continuing on to the next scene, we invite you to take a break over Mint Tea to celebrate love and loyalty. And you will discover the rest of this magnificent story very soon ...

Maison NANA1807 - Un Thé à la Menthe par Amour

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